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Spamarrest LLC Tells Hormel Foods Corporation To Can Its Trademark Challenge

Seattle, Washington -- June 30, 2003

Spam Arrest LLC, a fast-growing Seattle Internet company, says the Hormel Foods Corporation is challenging the trademark on its popular system to fight email spam.

Spam Arrest LLC filed two trademark applications in early 2002 for the term Spam Arrest. It was granted a trademark in international class 009 for "computer software, namely, software designed to eliminate unsolicited commercial electronic mail." This trademark was challenged last week by Hormel, which makes the canned meat product SPAM. A second application by Spam Arrest for a trademark in international class 042 for online computer services was challenged before it was granted.

"Hormel is acting like a corporate crybaby and ought to can it," said Brian Cartmell, President and CEO of Spam Arrest LLC. "Spam is a common term describing unsolicited commercial email and even Hormel says on its own website: 'We do not object to use of this slang term to describe UCE, although we do object to the use of our product image in association with that term.' Dozens of companies use the word 'spam' in their legal and commercial names and no one confuses any of us with the Hormel canned meat product."

Seattle attorney Derek A. Newman, who represents Spam Arrest LLC, said, "Inexplicably Hormel is challenging anyone who uses the word spam as part of a trademark. Spam has become ubiquitous throughout the world to describe unsolicited commercial email. No company can claim trademark rights on a generic term. Spam Arrest is both our corporate name and an arbitrary trademark. We are not claiming the right to use the generic term spam alone, but we will protect the name of our of our company and the brand of our product."

The cases are pending before the Trademark Trial and Appellate Board. Hearings have not yet been scheduled. Further information about the case is available at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Website (www.uspto.gov).


Spam Arrest LLC is a Seattle-based company that has developed a simple, patent-protected and affordable system that efficiently stops spam. The company has grown substantially and steadily since its 2001 launch, while expanding services and increasing functionality. Spam Arrest continues to monitor automated junk email techniques and upgrades automatically as necessary to protect its users. For more information visit http://www.spamarrest.com or contact via email.


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